The "Original" Tillicoultry Allotments

The "Original" Tillicoultry Allotments are one of the oldest independent allotment sites in Scotland. Founded in 1933, the site offers 29 plots of varying size to residents of Tillicoultry for the non-commercial growing of fruit, vegetables and flowers, and for the keeping of poultry. If you would like to find out more or are interested in renting an allotment please contact us.

Allotment Activites
  • Growing

    Most allotment holders grow their own fruit, vegetable and flowers.

  • Poultry

    Some of the allotments are set aside for keeping poultry and we also have an apiary at the plots.

  • Social

    The annual allotment BBQ provides a chance for everyone to get together. 

The "Original" Tillicoultry Allotments
The "Original" Tillicoultry Allotments are located in an idyllic semi-rural setting on the edge of the town. They provide the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to get fit in the fresh air, meet new people, take up a new hobby, and produce fresh, healthy food for you and your family.